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Ode to the Gecko of Wonders

The plants crunch beneath your belly

As you push your way up to your hammock,

The dark green contrasting with your bright yellow skin.

Your eyes pull me right in

As you sprint to the front of your cage

To attack my flashlight,

That just happened to fall in front of you.

I show you a worm,

and you get berserk,

You crazy little lizard.

You run around the cage






and slower,

and slower—

until finally,

you come to a stop,

realizing you’ve yet to catch a bug,

just it’s 


You crawl back up on your hide,

staring back at me with 

wide eyes.

You come running back again as I

get the bowl back out,

only this time,

with a snap of your jaw,

You lock eyes with the worm,

and it tries to scurry away,

but you’re too fast for it.

You propel yourself forward 

and yank the worm into your mouth

and sallow it whole.

You pull yourself back into your




hide and

drift into a peaceful sleep,

images of dust-covered crickets

prancing through your imagination

as you dream. 

Under the Cloak of Night

Fear makes his way through the crowds,

His icy, decaying hands gripping

each person as they pass by.

He is unnoticed to the naked eye,

but is felt by all.

His dark, burlap cape swishes in front of him,

covering his face,

not letting anyone see him in his everyday form.

He changes who he is

Every time he encounters a new person.

Death for the elderly,

poverty and unhappiness for the adults,

And perhaps her’s in the form of a clown

Or a clap of thunder

for the small children that he sees.

Fear pushes all his fellow emotions aside,

Not letting Happiness,




Come through and make their way into his limelight.

It’s with his greatest joy 

that Fear overcomes all other emotions

and take’s control of people’s lives. 

Whispers on a Winter Breeze

The wind whispers as it rushes past,

The chilling breeze sending shivers up your spine.

Your bones ache

With every touch of snow

Hitting your bare arms.

You wander across the fields of white,

the quick


of branches breaking beneath your feet,

Hidden by a blanket of white.


Silence surrounds you,

and everything is still.

Not even the quaint chirp of a cricket

disturbs the tranquility of this 




winter night. 

Mirrored Images

You glance into the mirror,

Holding your breath as 

You take in your appearance—

You bit your lip

Step away

And close your eyes.

A man passes behind you,

and you look at him with





Jealousy fills your stomach as you 

realize he has everything you want.





You realize that he is what you to be—

A writer, lover friend,

As you glance into the mirror a second time,

You realize you can be just like him—

Everything you’ve ever wanted. 

A Castle Divine

You freeze as you take a step into my mind,

The chill of winter freezing you to your very bones.

There’s nothing you can o or say

As my thoughts, the call of a raven, echoes all around you.

You’re trapped here.

Your worries and fears

Bounce off my crumbling stony walls

Of this ancient castle. 

Death Will Be Death

He doesn’t knock on your door,

No he doesn’t ask to come in.

He doesn’t wait for you to answer,

He doesn’t wait for you to sin.


He’ll sneak in through the window,

Come crashing through the door,

Never when you’re expecting him,

Perhaps you’ve already started to snore.


He’ll grip you in his moldy hand,

with his fingers around your neck,

He’ll pull you down towards him,

No one will get your final text.


He won’t tell anyone he took you,

Until it’s far too late,

You’re already long gone,

and only he knows your fate. 

Photos of a Broken Heart

Your heart is kept 

in a 

16 inch by 16 inch 

yellow box

stored in the bottom of your closet.

You pull the box out daily,

Pouring out your heart,

Onto the paisley bed.

You bite your lip 

as you pick up the shards

One by one,

A shard showing your first date,

A shard showing her love,

A shard for your first kiss,

A shard for your love,

A shard for your hate.

And once you’re done

wallowing in your sadness,

You place your heart back into the box

And store it away,


Where it can’t be broken. 

Attack Of The Garden Gnomes

Rustle, rustle

Crunch, crunch

Wind blows across the garden.


Snap, snap

Tear, tear

Something stirs within the garden.


Flinch, flinch

twitch, twitch

Something emerges from the garden.


Scream, scream

cry, cry

You’re attacked by the creature of the garden. 


Slither, slither

Wait, wait

You try to escape the haunted garden.


Bite, bite,

rip, rip

You are eaten by the garden. 

An Invitation With Lucifer

Blood red paper,

dark brown ink,

held shut with a crimson seal. 

You open the letter slowly,

scared of what you may find

beneath the hard, pressed wax.

You slide your finger underneath,

breaking the seal,

pulling out the paper curiously

as you see the words

“You’re invited!”

You drop the letter 

as if it burns your hand 

as you realize what it is.

Your own personal invitation to hell. 

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