It’s a good thing I’m a runner.

Or I would weight like 500 pounds. I am always eating!

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Okay, y’all, I’m conflicted as all get out.

I keep flip-flopping back and forth between wanting to stay vegan and go back to vegetarian. I feel like things would be so much easier if I went back to vegetarian, plus I’m having some cravings for non-vegan junk food like mad… but I love the way my systems work and how I just generally feel better since I became vegan in May. I switched for health reasons, FYI. Can I get some advice please on what to do?

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What is your largest meal of the day?

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So I finally figured out how to accurately take body fat percentage…

….and I’m at 12.73%. Hell yes! 

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I’m constantly hungry and thirsty no matter how much I eat or drink…..what could be the cause of this?! :/

Edit: My other symptoms are headaches that don’t go away until I eat something with sugar in it, and random tingling the tips of my fingers. 

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When I move out in 3 weeks I’m going to try going raw for a month, maybe longer. Starting out at a month though.

Can anyone give me any advice on this?

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I need advice. If some of y’all could message me, that would be wonderful. I’ve thought about becoming an EMT/Paramedic for quite some while now, and I’m seriously considering making it my career. Can y’all message me about your experiences? Whether or not you think it’s a good career for you? What do you like and hate about it? And anything else you think would be helpful.


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I need ab exercises!

Hokay. So, prom is a week from saturday. I need lower ab exercises y’all!

Help? :)

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So my ma bought my one-a-day vitamin gummies because I can’t swallow pills.

Anyone use these? like them?

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So, I know none of y’all are health experts. but….. help?

But if you have any idea what could be causing this, tell me? My sternocleidomastoid has swelled up several times in the last month, and each time it happens, my throat goes numb and it’s very difficult to swallow. 

As you can tell, it’s more pronounced on the left side of my neck. 

It’s not an allergic reaction. There’s currently no correlation between the times it’s happened. 


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I’m proposing a challenge to myself, anyone else who wants to join me.

I’m challenging myself not to eat any fast food or candy until my birthday at the end of January. I’m also challenging myself to build up more muscle and tone up everywhere on my body so that my race times and length of time I can run will get better.


My story.

So, I was reading a bunch of people’s fitness stories earlier, so I decided I’d post mine :)

I was at my highest weight last March, around 132 lbs. It’s not super overweight, but I’m only 5’1 so the goal weight is between 100 and 125. I just wanted to change. I was done with having rolls all over my stomach. I lost the first 8 or 9 lbs from March to May, because I was playing lacrosse every day after school, but I was still eating like crap.

In May, I decided that I HAD to change. I started to run every day. I hated it at first. I could barely run half a mile before I was out of breath. One day, I randomly decided what the hell, I’ll sign up for a half marathon. How hard could it be?

So, with that goal in mind, I forced myself to run every day, at least 4 miles. The weight quickly started to come off, but I plateaued at 120 because I was still eating like crap. I decided to run cross country. I started eating healthier (but still not perfect), and drinking at least 70 oz of water per day, and I dropped down to 115. Currently I’m at 114. 

My initial running time was 10:40 in May. My PR as of tonight is 6:54. I did my half marathon about a month ago, and I did that in 2:30. I can run between four and five painful miles without having to stop. The runs that started out sucking completely is really easy now. I went from thinking, “Oh god, a mile without stopping….” to “oh, only 3 miles left!!!!!” I’m addicted to running. 

Left pics: May

Right pics: currently. 


My abs still aren’t as defined as I’d like, but I’m working on it. I’m also working on getting my times even lower…. my goal for when I move in August is that I will be able to run a mile in under 6 minutes, and be able to run a full half marathon without any walking. 


So for X-mas, I’m asking for a waterbelt/pack and some new sports bras.

Any recommendations for either one?


I’m not doing this to “get skinny”.

I’m doing this to be healthy. To be able to run and run and run and not need to stop. To be able to cut glass with my abs of steel. To show my clients of whatever job I get with a Health Mangement degree that real people can be fit and that it’s not all photoshop. To fight off disease. To live long. To be happy. 

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Weekly weigh-in.

New weight: 114.6

That means I’ve lost 18 lbs since my highest o.O

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