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hungryzzzombie presents:


This challenge is open to all blogs, fitblrs or personals, to those with the same goal of looking the best you can. In this challenge, you will be focused on getting as close to/ reaching your ultimate fitness and weight goals as you can by December 1st. 

What is in it for you?

Other than the motivation and support of your fellow challengers, you will be given weekly Dares. These Dares will be anything from a specific kickbutt workout, a food challenge, or a overall health change to be followed through that week.

On December 1st, please send in your before and afters. So go take your August picture and measurements now! I would love if you sent a bit about yourself and your story along with it and I will post each and every one of you will be advertised on my profile. Any change, no matter how big or small, is an accomplishment. 

Why do it?

To get that extra kick of motivation, knowing that in a few months from now, you have people to answer to. That you have yourself to answer to if you do not work as hard as you know you can.

So girls, if you would like to join the SEXY BY DECEMBER challenge, please reblog and add your name to this post, making a list of the blog names of participants. Also, make sure to reblog the weekly DARES to spread healthy awareness goals with your followers!

That you ladies and I will see you December 1st!


Kristan/mihomi98 :) 

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